The Weekends Part 2

Part 2 of my series this week of how to not go off the rails on the weekend.


No Food in the House

THIS IS HUGE.   I would usually categorize it under “failure to plan” but it’s getting a post all to itself.  I know the drill, you are home all day, check the fridge, freezer, cabinets, just waiting for a meal to jump out at you.  You discuss take out, going out, just eating popcorn for dinner all while shoving handfuls of goldfish crackers in your mouth because you are starving and they were open. Well guess what? That’s about 200 calories and you still didn’t eat anything for a meal.

Below are my tips for avoiding the weekend empty pantry.

Tip 1: Pick 1 new recipe to try on the weekend. Scour pinterest (and soon my site) for recipes that look good and plan to try one on Friday or Sat night when you might have more time to cook. Shop for the ingredients the weekend before or during the week so you have them on hand once the weekend comes.

Tip 2: Grocery shop for 7 days! Most people grocery shop on Sunday afternoon and I only know this because it’s the most crowded I see the store. No matter when you go, don’t just shop for the weekdays but also for the weekends. If you are going to try a new recipe, buy the ingredients the week before and freeze the meat if needed. Add protein drinks/bars to the list to have on hand for the weekend because when all else fails and you go for the goldfish, a protein bar will be 10x more satisfying and balance our your protein, carbs, and fat.

Tip 3: Buy frozen veggies and starches that don’t require much preparation. My go to’s are frozen lentil pasta, frozen mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc… These are so easy to add to a stir fry or pair with grilled chicken/fish and you have a meal in under 30 minutes that didn’t require a full day in the kitchen. Picking up a few extra bags of food in the freezer section will pay off big in the long run and it’s cost effective.

We are all busy and I’m trying to give you realistic tips for staying on track towards your goals. If your bad habit you are working on is procrastination than this will force you to plan for your shopping trips and meals. If you have a bad habit of snacking on your kid food all day then stocking your house with healthy, satisfying alternatives will leave you feeling much better come Monday morning.

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