The Weekends Part 1

The boys apple picking today

The boys apple picking today

In my experience and in working with nutrition clients almost everyone has the same pattern of eating. They eat well and feel good 4-5 days of the week and the weekend comes and they go off the rails. I am going to be posting a weekend series this week with advice each day on how to avoid that and start better habits that will help you reach your goals.


Come Saturday and Sunday morning, you probably aren’t rushing out of bed, getting the kids ready and heading off to work. You have some more time to lounge around, drink coffee and make a larger breakfast or possibly you skip breakfast in anticipation of a larger meal later on. Whatever you do, I’m sure the mornings don’t look the same as they do when you are going to work.


1) Wake up within an hour of when you wake up during the week. Not only will this make it easier to get up come Monday morning but also help you be more consistent with your food intake.

2) Eat a double dose of protein with your breakfast. If you have more time to cook on the weekends, spend more time on breakfast and enjoy it. Since the rest of the day might be unpredictable it’s good to get extra protein with breakfast, it will leave you satisfied overall and it will get you on track for appropriate protein intake for the day.
Easy ways to get more protein: Egg whites are going to give you the most bang for your buck, add an extra 1/2 cup to your regular eggs/egg white/omelet you are making.
Fat Free Greek Yogurt - usually between 12-15g of protein
Extra scoop of protein powder in your smoothie: So easy to add and it will get you @ 20 more g of protein to start the day.

3) Try to plan dinner and work backwards. This is advice I give all my clients, if you have some idea of what your dinner is going to be, it will make it easier to plan your other meals and avoid over eating throughout the day. Going out for pizza? Pizza is loaded with fat and carbs and not so much on the protein. If you know that, then you can skip out on bacon with breakfast, double up on egg whites and enjoy a lighter lunch or protein shake and you will find that pizza much more enjoyable.

4) Drink plenty of water. This is something that I struggle with on the weekend, when you are out of your weekly routine it’s easy to not consume as much water. Drinking a glass as soon as you wake up you will already start the day off right. Then fill up a bottle and keep drinking it throughout the day. Another thing I will do is to drink a big glass before I leave the house, no matter where I am going and even if I don’t feel thirsty. It’s just another healthy habit to add to your life.

Hope these tips are helpful! I will be posting new ones all week! I will also be posting details about the November monthly coaching challenge and sign ups will start next week. I’m limiting the first challenge to 10 people so if you think you might be interested, fill out the contact form from the website or email me at

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