December Challenge Sign Up Is Here!

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The December Challenge sign up starts today! I launched the first ever Nutrition Sanity Monthly Challenge in November and it’s been a HUGE success for the clients that took part.

What does the challenge entail?

This is not a diet, no food is off limits and you will probably find yourself eating MORE than you normally do. I simply help you with sample meal plans, grocery shopping lists, easy recipes (nothing takes more than 40 min), and we work together to break bad eating habits and develop new ones. By the end of the monthly challenge you will feel more comfortable with the food choices you make, have better direction in the grocery store, never feel “guilty” about eating and have a better relationship with food. Because I try to give as much attention to each member of the challenge it is limited to 10 people per month.

Cost: $100 for the month
You will get access to an application that allows you to see weekly meal plans, shopping lists, workouts, and daily routines to help you develop the tools you need to have a healthier lifestyle.

Email me at or fill out the contact me page of the website and I will get you signed up ASAP.

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