10 Day Reset


I am excited to announce Nutrition Sanity is offering a 10 day lean launch program. This program is designed as a reset for your body, both physically and mentally.

It’s a 10 day long program that will guide you through daily smoothie recipes, workouts, meal ideas, and monitor water intake. The first clients that did a test run of the program lost an average of 5lbs in 10 days and felt like they had more energy, kicked cravings, and feel more confident with the food choices they are making.

This is not a super restrictive diet where you depriving yourself. You are actually going to eat 5 meals each day with plenty of snacking options as well. You will get sample meal ideas, smoothie recipes, and a recipe for a detox water (aka spa water).

What are you waiting for? Sign up with me today and in 2 weeks from now you will feel like a new person!

Cost: $45

Email: Jess@nutritionsanity.com now to sign up.

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