Habits to Start Working on Today


I want to share some habits that I have adopted in my routine that have helped me balance my nutrition and have a better relationship with food.

1)  Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning.   The coffee/tea might be calling your name but trust me, head to the sink and fill up a glass of water and take at least 10 sips before starting the day.  It immediately gets things moving and jump starts that digestion.  It also really does help wake you up, you might not even need that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee and you already have 1/8 glasses of water down before you walk out the door for work.

2)  Eat your daily dose of fiber.  Men need roughly 35 grams and women need 25 grams.  Try to get all of this fiber from natural food sources, not from fiber rich bars or drinks.  Fiber is essential for digestion and it also helps move LGL (bad cholesterol) out of our body through digestion.  Choosing fiber rich foods will also help steer you to make more nutritious food choices throughout the day.  Granola bar (2g) vs. Apple and 1/2 cup blackberries (9g)...easy decision there.  Adding cheese (0g) or black beans (6g) to salad, another easy decision there.  Before you know it, you can easily hit your daily required Fiber for the day.  

3)  Eat green veggies at least 1x per day.   Now, most people would say eat a lot more than that, however I just find if you try for once you will end up feeling better and making better decisions throughout the day.  Throw spinach or kale in a smoothie, add a serving of broccoli or brussel sprouts to dinner, make a salad to eat all week with lunch or as a snack.   

Why am I recommending green and not red veggies?   First, please eat all the vegetables you possibly can but I encourage green because they are the easiest on glucose levels, full of phytonutrients,  They are also packed with fiber and as you know from habit #2, that's a great thing.


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