Here I go!

Thank you for visiting my site! Nutrition Sanity is a website I have developed to help all my busy friends out there that don’t have hours a day to devote to meal prep, cooking, and working out and are struggling to find the time to get it all done. I will be posting nutrition tips, workouts you can do on the go or at home, and recipes.

I am so excited to finally have some time to get this website and nutrition coaching business launched, something that has been on my list of goals for 12+ months.  I recently sold my gym that I owned for over 7 years and while I did nutrition coaching there I have wanted to be able to reach more people and devote as much time to this as I can.   I’m a mother to 2 boys, ages 4 and 7, a wife to a very busy husband who travels almost every week, I am a trainer at Uncle Sam Athletics, and a nutrition coach. When I was full time at my gym I would be out of the house from 7:45am-7:30pm daily with a few breaks in between where I would have to fit in grocery shopping, picking up my one kid at pre-K, getting the other one off the bus, cleaning the house, back to the gym, home for dinner, baths, homework, bedtime, etc… Like many of you, I was struggling to find the time for it all. With all the demands of business ownership and family life I had to find the time to prioritize my nutrition and stay healthy. Over the last 7 years I’ve developed a lot of “healthy hacks” I can’t wait to share with you.

I’m not claiming to be perfect, I don’t have 6 pack abs to show you, I still drive through McD’s and eat my kids fries, I love ice cream and cookies. I am hoping to show you how I balance it all and don’t feel guilty when my day doesn’t go as planned. You get an unexpected meeting request, your child is home sick, you work all day and have to drive your kids around to practice or games all night and now you can't make it to the gym or eat the dinner you planned and it's the drive thru again.  I’ve also found that even when all those things happen, your health does not have to take a back seat. My goal is to help you.  I want you to have a good foundation of healthy habits and backs so when the unpredictable happens, you have a plan.

I will be posting more details about the services I offer as well as a November monthly challenge group I will be doing. Keep checking back for more!

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