No New Years Fads Here

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It seems that at the stroke of midnight on New Years Day everyone is selling that “new year, new me” BS and I don’t buy it and you shouldn’t either. The holidays are a time where most people are celebrating being with family, having time off work, seeing friends, and indulging in REALLY good meals and lots of cookies. The end result is usually felt in the way your clothes suddenly feel a little (or a lot) tighter and you declare that starting 1/1 you are going on a diet and/or hitting the gym hard.

The thing is, in 1 year, that will happen again. The holidays are meant to be a time of indulging and relaxing even though there is usually a lot of stress thrown in there too. If you have a good foundation built in for a healthy lifestyle then you can handle of all that and not let it ALL go as soon as Christmas music starts playing.

Rather than spend money on a crazy juice cleanse, skip meals, or buy bigger clothes, let me help you change some habits. It’s a simple as that. All it takes is a few weeks of being held accountable for your excuses and giving you really solid meal planning help, learn your eating habits and what you need to change and then you can start building that foundation for a healthier lifestyle.

I have changed the formatting of the monthly challenges to be 4 week challenges that start every Sunday. The next one starts this Sunday, January 6th so if you want to get started or want more information then contact me today! You can fill out the get started form on the page or you can email me directly at

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