Story 1

“I was dreading the inevitable weight gain that usually hits between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cookies everywhere, parties, the schedule is crazy--so I figured I would give the Lean Launch a try. I normally eat very healthy meals but make poor snack choices in the afternoon, and it's very hard for me to say no to dessert. The design of the Lean Launch really helped me stick to a healthy eating plan, and the daily reminders pushed me to make sure I got my workout in early (and since I was consciously trying to get eight hours of sleep and I didn't have a drink at night it was easy to get up!), and I got some new ideas for meals. The accountability of being part of the Lean Launch was really good for me, too. It forced me to plan ahead and create more time for meal prep. The best thing was, Jess helped me customize certain parts to help me make the most of the plan. I finished my ten days down 7lbs, and I feel great knowing that I can enjoy the holidays more, being a little more mindful of what I am eating “

  • Erin, after completing the 10 day Nutrition Sanity Lean Launch